An uncompomising take on design

Aldo Bakker Cup & Saucer

Aldo Bakker is a Dutch designer with an uncompromising take on design. His work has a delicate and rare sense of harmony and his ideas are always intended to trigger a response. He wants to challenge us with his design, to make us stop our everyday routines for a minute and ponder over an odd little feature, hopefully making us perform our everyday casual acts with more attention.

The espresso and cappucino cups from Aldo Bakker is an example of some of his more conceptual work, where the somewhat quirky shape is triggered by the usage.


The espresso cup has a saucer that just fits the cup - perfect for the quick little kick. The cappuchino cup has a larger saucer, making room for biscotti's, chocolates or grapes next to the cup – sparing you from using an extra plate. Normally the size of the cup determines the size of the ear. But not with Aldo Bakker´s cups. The ears remain the same size as the cups decrease, adding a playful feel to the design.

As the designer so logically explains, "Well, your finger doesn't get any smaller just because you're drinking espresso."

So true.