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Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark
Lyngby Porcelæn

Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn was established in 1936 in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, as a manufacturer of porcelain service sets, vases and other designer pieces of high craftsmanship and technical quality.

When the factory closed in 1969 it already held an established place in Danish design history with its unique and distinctive designs, many of which live on today. With the signature Lyngby vase design at the forefront, the factory combined classic craftsmanship with advanced production techniques, resulting in a DNA of pure functionality and beauty in every single product.

In 2012, Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn re-opened and is today behind the re-release of iconic designs that are reproduced with the greatest care and respect for the factory’s noble design heritage.

Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn also discovers and profiles new designs and talented designers, thereby adding new chapters to the history of one of Denmark’s most innovative porcelain companies.


Certification of Authenticity

Always remember to check out the stamp on the bottom of a Lyngby Vase before you buy it. The original Lyngby Vase from Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark - Lyngby Porcelæn has the well known, hand printed monogram on the bottom. Your guarantee that you're purchasing a design icon that can be passed down for generations.